The #1 Rule of Running!

September 26th, 2011 by admin

You gotta be able to smile…and mean it!

Want to get the most out of your runs?  And have fun at the same time?  Then follow this rule:  You gotta be able to smile…and mean it…at least 80% of the time!

Most runners run way to hard, and that’s a shame.  Take a look at your the faces of runners at your local park or popular running spot.  Most of those faces are etched in a show of agony, pain and general unhappiness.  All that suffering….and for what? Running isn’t like lifting weights, where you have to feel the burn and experience some degree of discomfort to get results.  Running produces its best results (cardiovascular health and burning of fat for fuel) at extremely low exertion levels…50-70% of max heart rate if you own a heart rate monitor.  Don’t own one?  Well, that’s also the exertion level at which you can carry on an abbreviated conversation with someone next to you.  It’s also the level at which you can smile…and still mean it!  So slow down; enjoy your time afoot!  And smile!

PS Most walkers exert too little effort to maximize their results.  Walkers, you should be able to smile and mean it too, but you should also be moving briskly enough to be able to hear your own breathing. :)

Yours in fitness and in health!