Tis the season when many of our most popular shoes from New Balance, Mizuno, Saucony and Brooks are updating.  See whats new and in store today, and read about each below!

NEW BALANCE 860 V8      New Balance updated their flagship solid-stability shoe, the 860V8, with a NewFuse midsole that allows the shoe to weigh in at just 11.3 and 9.8 ounces on the men’s and women’s sides, respectively.  A 10 mm drop (the difference in height from heel to toes) adds stability and gets you closer to the ground for a more natural feel, without sacrificing cushion, as many lower-dropped shoes tend to do.  Ample room in the toe box and lots of stability continue to be this shoe’s hallmark characteristics.
The 860V8 has a list price of $125 ($105 for Club FITniche Members) and is available in run specialty shops like FITniche only.

MIZUNO WAVE RIDER 21     Mizuno just introduced the Wave Rider 21, their flagship neutral shoe.  As always the shoe features a finely tuned wave plate that provides different degrees of cushioning throughout each footstep and carves out a big chunk of the midsole, resulting in a super-lightweight feel.  The shoe comes in at 9.6oz for men and 8.3 oz for women and carries a traditional 12 mm drop.  A new premium sock liner has been added to improve the overall fit and feel of the shoe, while engineered mesh increases breathability, movement and snugness.  This is a strong update for a traditional shoe!
The Wave Rider 21 has a list price of $120 ($100 for Club FITniche Members)

SAUCONY GUIDE ISO     Saucony just released an updated GuideISO, one of the top light-stability shoes in the world for a number of years now.  Saucony tinkered a bit with their EVERUN midsole, resulting in a more uniform feel of cushioning underfoot and completely redesigned the upper, using engineered mesh for a softer, more seamless experience. The new upper also looks super-cool! The shoe comes in at 10.2 oz for men and 9.1 oz for women and carries a fairly low 8 mm drop (the difference in height from heel to toes), resulting in a closer-to-the-ground feel and a lively, responsive ride.
The Saucony Guide ISO has a list price of $120 ($100 for Club FITniche Members)

BROOKS LEVITATE     Finally, the Brooks Levitate is a brand new shoe from Brooks in the neutral category.  What’s special about it?  Let’s start with actual energy return.  That’s right, every footstep literally returns measurable energy vertically back to the runner or walker.  “Bouncy” and “springy” are words we’ve heard people use to describe the sensation.  A snug, woven, seem-free feeling upper ensures that you and shoe are one and that the energy actually is returned back to YOU and not elsewhere.  Response to this shoe has been overwhelmingly popular, so Brooks has had trouble keeping up with inventory demands, and we are refilling it as fast as we can at FITniche.  You don’t want to wait for this shoe, but you really do have to try it on to know if it’s for you or not.  The shoe comes in with a lowish 8 mm drop and is a little heavier than some of it’s competitors, due to the new midsole material, at 11.3 oz for men and 9.7 oz for women.
The Levitate has a list price of $150 ($130 for Club FITniche Members) and is available now in Wesley Chapel and Lakeland!


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