The Black Friday Balloon Pop tradition continues, starting at 8am at all stores!  And this year we don’t just have discounts flying out of the balloons at checkout.  There may be  merchandise flying out of select balloons too, including at least 1 pair of free shoes!

Here’s how Black Friday Balloon Pop works:

  • Shop opens early at 8:00am.
  • Come in and shop to your heart’s content, enjoying complimentary hot chocolate, any time throughout the day.
  • At checkout, pick a balloon and pop it!  Inside is a secret discount: 15% – 50% off your entire purchase!
  • Additionally, some select balloons will contain free product coupons, along with the discount: socks, shoes, nutrition, etc.

It’s simple, fun and everyone leaves a winner!
Additionally, we’ll have some select, older shoes (models that have recently undergone updates) on deep discount.  Look for the bulk-stacked table or ask a crew member about shoes we may have in your size.

40%-50% Off Select Shoes and Apparel!  If you’re early, you may also find your size on some of your favorite shoes.
We’ve bulk-stacked our remaining inventory of previous-model shoes, and those shoes are 40% off!
Additionally, all apparel on our floor racks is 50% off!

Black Friday Hours are 8am – 8pm at all locations*.
Wesley Chapel is open until 9pm.


And join us Saturday!  Small business Saturday is a special and fun day for us at the shop: a little less hectic, and a nice time for staff to see and connect with friends like you.  Stop in for some hot chocolate and a special Club FITniche membership extension deal.  We’ll also be starting our Gift Card promotion this day.

CLUB FITniche Membership Extension:
Purchase 2 years of Club FITniche for the price of 1 year.

Gift Card Promotion:

  • Purchase any Gift Card for $125 or more, get an additional $10 Gift Certificate for free.
  • Purchase any Gift Card for  $150 or more, get an additional $20 Gift Certificate for free.

And we won’t tell anyone if you use the second gift card for yourself!


  Lakeland                          Wesley Chapel                   Brandon
11/22             10-6                          10-8                                 10-6
11/23                                Thanksgiving Closed
11/24              8-8                            8-9                                  8-8
11/25-12/21  10-8 M-Sat              10-9 M-Sat*                   10-8 M-Sat
                        12-6  Sun                 12-6 Sun*                      12-6 Sun
12/22-12/23   10-9 Tr-Sat              9-10 Tr-Sat*                  10-8 Tr-Sat
12/24              10-6                          10-6 *                             10-6
12/25                                   Christmas Closed
12/26                              Regular Hours Resume
1/1                   12-8                          12-8*                              12-8
*Wesley Chapel Hours May Vary Due to Mall Requirements




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