Santa came early to FITniche this year!  Stop in and check out some of the cool new products he just dropped off!

Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones allow you to listen to music and still hear whats going on around you. No bounce and no wires!  The cool part: symphony quality noise that you (and only you) hear through your bones.  These are the most comfortable and safest earphones you’ve ever worn.  Try it to believe it at our in-store sampling station.

Tracer360 Visibility Vest gives 360 degree visibility with cool, rotating colors and an easy-to-wear configuration.  7 ounces, 5 rotating patterns, 6 different colors, 360 degrees of visibility, all to make you visible for over a 1/4 mile in all directions.

Safety Skin goes right on to your skin and makes you instantly visible to car headlights.  Stays on through your sweatiest activity.  Comes off in the shower with soap!  Get yours today so you can be seen tomorrow!

QALO Rings: Save your wedding band from abuse, damage and even the danger of being lost.  Wear your QALO ring instead when working out or participating in outdoor activities.

Garmin VivoSmart 3: Sleek is the newest activity tracker on the market, with smart notifications and fitness level
monitoring.  Subtle, stylish and very smart!

Custom FITniche Headware:  Show off your love for “local” running!  Hurry, these limited edition hats & visors will go fast.