The Morning Mile: Previously we’ve given generously to Special Olympics athletes and local families and charities through the events we put on.  Last year we donated over $10,000, over 400 pairs of gently used shoes and a $2,500 special-needs running wheelchair to those in need in our communities.  All of this has been possible by your continuing to shop locally with us, so thank you!  For 2018, we have committed to starting Morning Mile programs at as many schools near each of our stores as we can.  The Morning Mile is an all-inclusive, start-of-the-day program, designed primarily for elementary schools. The program, once implemented, typically gets 70-90% of an elementary school’s students running each and every morning, weather permitting.  No one is left our and everyone is provided a path for participation.  The one-time cost to launch a Morning Mile program is $2000 per school.  As a running business, giving young children in our communities the opportunity to fall in love with running and all the positive life-lessons and character development that running provides is the greatest gift we can think of give to give our youth.  If your school is interested in being considered for a Morning Mile program, please email us at [email protected] and put Morning Mile in the subject.

Group Training Programs: FITniche will also be starting new training programs, open to all abilities, for 5K, half and full marathons in May of this year!  These programs will be fun, inclusive of all, and designed to guide anyone of any ability safely to the completion of a 5K, half or full marathon.  Nationally renowned running coach Rick Muhr is helping us develop the program and train our coaches.  Stand by for more information on this, but know that the program is based on a philosophy of meeting runners at whatever fitness level they’re at and conservatively developing them to the point that they are able to accomplish feats which profoundly change lives.  Who knows?  You may just the find the better you you’ve been looking for in 2018 with this program.