2018 is ushering in some beautiful improvements and exciting additions to each of our stores.

1) We’re currently remodeling 2 of our 3 stores, Lakeland and Wesley Chapel.  Lakeland is nearing completion and Wesley Chapel will FITniche Women's Apparelget a refresh during the first two months of the year.  We’re adding things like Registration Stations (see below), Nutrition & Refreshment Sampling Stations, improved lighting and signage, and creating a fresher, cleaner look overall.

2) We’re also bringing in new apparel and accessory brands and products!  Vuori is an absolutely gorgeous line of men’s and women’s apparel that looks and feels as good around town as it does on a run.  Custom FITniche T’s are in now too, and Picky Bars, some of the best tasting and most wholesome endurance bars ever created,  will be in soon.

3) One of the most unique additions to the stores are our Race Registration Stations, which will now credit you back the processing fee for any FITniche-timed race when you sign up in-store.  FITniche Events timed over 60 races last year, so chances are we’re timing some of your favorite events already.  The new Registration Stations work like this:  1) You come in to the store and sign up for any FITniche-timed race.  (See our Upcoming Races calendar to see what we’re timing next.)  2) Alert any store employee once you’re ready to check out.  3) He or she will make note of the processing fee amount and place that much in store credit on your account. 4) Use it right then and there, or save it to use later!  In short, you’ll turn the processing fee you always pay for race registrations into something much more useful: instant store credit you can use at FITniche!

4)  Our most exciting store improvements, however, are the Superfeet FitStations coming to Lakeland and Wesley Chapel in February.  You’ve never seen your feet or had your gait assessed like this before.  Previously, only university settings possessed this type of technology: 3-D scanning and laser-measurements of every facet of your feet, coupled with a digital force plate that, when walked or run across, instantly analyzes the actual impact forces of each footstep, translating them into an extremely accurate analysis of your biomechanics, from your hips to your feet.  Hewlett Packard developed and manufactured the technology, and Superfeet married it with the running world.  In fact, the interior volume and dimensions of almost every shoe we carry in every size will be able to be matched to your scan, ensuring the very, very best possible fit recommendations.  But that’s not all!  Within the year, you’ll also be able to have custom shoes from Brooks and custom inserts from Superfeet manufactured from 3-D printers just for you and delivered to you within the week!  FITniche is extremely excited to possess the first two of these unbelievable, cutting edge devices.  We’ll be opening worlds of new insights into your unique feet and gait, ultimately providing truly custom footwear solutions for you!  Stay tuned for more detailed information and your personal invitation to come in and try out the new technology soon.


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