FITniche has updated the look and feel of its website.  Read about a few of the new features below.

Web Site Improvements:  There’s a new look and feel to the site, which will continue to evolve over time!  You can also now do a few new things from the site.
1) You can now schedule 1-to-1 fittings for shoes and bras with your favorite staff any time. It works very simply and you can use it for a variety of reasons.  Simply fill out the short form online, letting us know your desired day, time and any other information you think will be helpful for us to know in advance.  We’ll call or email you back to confirm and lock down your appointment.  You can even request a specific staff member, if you like.  Using this feature will make any visit more efficient for your time, as we’ll be ready and waiting just for you when you arrive.  You can still stop in any time for our professional fittings without an appointment.  That has not changed in the least and never will.

2) You can now sign up for Good Form Running Clinics online.  Simply fill out the short form online.  We’ll email you back to confirm your spot.  Clinics are typically limited to no more than 20 participants.  The clinics themselves are evolving too.  Lakeland clinics will be held at Lake Hollingsworth going forward, and all clinics now last just 45 minutes.  Click here to see your store’s schedule of clinics and to sign up for one.  Running’s not rocket science, but there are some very simple things we can all do to make running more enjoyable and more efficient.  You’ll learn and get in-the-field practice with these tips and secrets at our Good Form Running Clinics.

3) As before, you can also purchase Gift Certificates and renew and purchase Club FITniche Memberships online now too.  All transactions are digitally encrypted and occur on a secure socket, so you can feel safe about your transactions.  We also confirm each purchase you make with a personal email, letting you know your order had been fulfilled.

4) Perhaps the most exciting development for 2018 will be our implementation of full online shopping.  We have a few items up and available to you for purchase now, and Club Members currently receive free shipping.  By the end of 2018, however, you’ll be able to do all of the following for the most popular brands we carry:

  • See exactly what’s in stock at each store
  • Purchase any in-stock item online
  • Schedule it for home delivery or in-store pick-up
  • Schedule it same-day home delivery

We still want you coming in to the store to shop because, well, we just like face-to-face interactions better, but we also know that sometimes it’s just easier to get what you want online.  We’ll be there for you in 2018.  Check out the new look and feel of the site now.  You’re already here!



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