The New Year is in full swing and most of us are still brimming with an eagerness to implement our new goals and resolutions.  It’s an exciting feeling to stand at the start of a new journey, and for me, that’s the true beauty of the New Year.  I happen to also believe we can and should seize this feeling year-round.  Every week, every day and every workout is the start of a new journey in itself, and each one offers us the opportunity for a new start….the opportunity to re-seize the direction of our life’s or just the day’s trajectory….the opportunity to create a better you….the opportunity to begin again.  We need only be purposeful about planning and claiming each of these new starts.

So what’s your journey?
Take a quick minute, if you dare, and share with us where you’re hoping to go this year.  What are you hoping to accomplish?  What’s the better you you’re hoping to achieve?  Share it on one of our Facebook pages listed below.  We’d love to hear about your intended journey; plus sharing your goals can be good for you too!  (Experts typically agree that stating your goals and aspirations publicly makes the accomplishment of them more likely.)  And next time you’re in the store , we want to hear about your goals, hopes and aspirations too.  FITniche’s staff are more than just expert shoe fitters.  They are, each of them, deeply caring resources of useful knowledge, training and experience, and they would love nothing more than to help encourage you and play a guiding role in whatever journey you’re on.

Here are the links to our Facebook pages.  Tell us where you’re going!
FITniche Lakeland, FITniche Wesley Chapel or FITniche  Brandon.  And, as always, thank you for shopping locally!

Yours in Fitness and in Health,
Rich and the Staff at FITniche


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