We are humbled and grateful to report to you, our awesome customers and our amazing staff pros, that FITniche has been selected as, not only one of the 50 Best Running Stores in America, but one of the 10 Best Running Stores in America this year.  Wow!  Over 300 stores were nominated.  Of the over 300 stores nominated, over 100 stores were secret shopped by The Franklin Group, a nationwide company devoted entirely to secret shopping stores and businesses across the country.  FITniche is one of just 4 stores in the entire country to receive a perfect score on this tough and prestigious secret shopper report!  Community service, financial credit ratings and other factors were considered as well, but customer service, as acknowledged by the secret shopper report, is the bulk of how we were scored.

On June 22nd the Best Running Store in America will be announced in Minneapolis, and we are in the running.  Some big thanks you’s are in store before then, however. The first thank you goes to our amazing employees, who literally train every day to improve the knowledge and service they bring you.  We’ll be giving them a well-deserved celebratory day off at the beach on Sunday, June 24th.

A second equally big thank you goes to you, our customers, for continuing to support us, the local little guys, in what is truly a dream job for most of us.  Thank you!  We will be announcing something special for all our customers during the entire week leading up to the Best Running Store in the Country selection.  Stand by for the big announcement!

Find your fit!  Reclaim your fun!
Rich and the Crew at FITniche