Custom Footwear…
Your feet were custom made.  Your shoes should be too.  To make that a reality, we recently brought Superfeet FitStations into two of our stores (Lakeland and Wesley Chapel). Each station has the ability to custom scan every dimension of your feet.  This information can then be used along with a gait analysis, weight, previous injuries, and other information to 3D print custom footwear just for you!  Very soon, you’ll be able to customize your insoles, your running shoes and even your recovery sandals at FITniche!  This technology also has the additional benefit of  helping bring future footwear manufacturing back to the United States, so it’s a big win across the board for everyone.

As of right now, we are creating custom performance insoles for customers with the technology (not to replace physician prescribed orthotics). Later in August we will be able to create custom recovery sandals and Brooks running shoes made specifically for you.  More to come on this soon, but we can tell yo now that midsole densities will be varied in different zones and custom injection-molded based on your foot and gait.

If we scanned you earlier this year at the Gasparilla expo, we entered you to win a free pair of one of the following products.  Here are the winners!  Congratulations!!

Custom Performance Insoles (available now): Steve Kropf!
Custom Recovery Sandals (available in August): Beto Amador!
Custom Brooks Shoes (available in August): Anne Palveda!

Pirate Shirts!
Also, if we promised you an “I Run With Pirates” shirt at the Gasparilla expo they are now in at the Lakeland store.  You can come in to the Lakeland store and claim you shirt while supplies last.  If we promised you a pirate shirt and you can’t make it to Lakeland, please email [email protected] and tell us the size and store to send it to.  We’ll be cross referencing everyone against our list from the expo.

FITniche Connects…
Finally, we recently launched a new way to communicate with you.  FITniche Connects is a free program that reminds you via text message when your shoes need replacing, when your Club FITniche membership is expiring, as well as giving you periodic gifts and notices about promotions or sales.  FITniche Connects is helping us keep up with you as we continue to keep up with the latest science and technology in footwear.

Many of you recently responded to an email to enroll in FITniche Connects for free last month.  We chose one lucky new member to win Free Shoes for a Year (up to 4 pair)!  The winner is….

Free Shoes for a Year Winner: Joe Del Valle from Lakeland!

Congratulations to all our winners!  We believe you should love every step you take, and we’re working to make that a happen for you.  See you in the store soon!