Mizuno Wave Rider 22…

All of Mizuno’s technologies come alive in this very nicely updated shoe. The men’s shoe sports a traditional 12mm drop and a weight of just 10.9 oz, yet the shoe  feels lighter than this when on because of the carved out midsole under the heal. In its place is Mizuno’s legendary wave plate that provides a springy and highly responsive ride. Up top is an improved one-piece, knit upper that fits like a snug and comfy slipper. For neutral runners, this is the absolutely the very best shoe in Mizuno’s entire line-up and can used as an everyday trainer, a lightweight tempo shoe, as well as a marathon racer. And it’s as comfortable for a day at Disney World as it is for the Disney Marathon! Your feet deserve a spin in this shoe. Mizuno is making great product again!


Most of us think the FDA does an adequate job of protecting us from chemicals, toxins and additives that may not be healthy for us. But do they? The FDA and other government agencies regulate “known” harmful materials from being used in products sold to us. If it’s not a proven fact that something is definitively harmful, it can be packed into your food, deodorant and just about anything else. ThinkSport reverses that thinking and only includes ingredients that are proven to NOT be harmful. It’s an important distinction. Aluminum, parabens and man-made chemicals of all sorts are found in most sunscreens and deoderants. But not in ThinkSport. ThinkSport products are “pure”, meaning you can be sure your skin isn’t leaching anything harmful into your precious body.  “Thinking” people everywhere are using ThinkSport these days.


Handful is a great new bra and woman’s apparel company that has actually graced the shelves of FITniche before.  They’re back with better product than ever.  Handful truly does make “apparel that makes you happy. Happy because it fits just right and feels great no matter what you’re doing. Happy because the women who designed them thought of all the details, leaving you with one – make that two – less things to worry about.”  You’ll feel beautiful, supported and surprisingly comfortable in these great looking bras.  Try one on today!  Currently available at all FITniche locations.  Be sure and use your Club FITniche membership to save 20% on these new best-of-class bras!

New Balance 880…

This new version of the 880 is built strong for the long run.  Engineered mesh and a new TRUFUSE midsole capture and cradle your foot.    American engineers and developers employed decades of Made in the USA research to update this classic shoe that is available only in Run Specialty stores like FITniche.  Both men’s and women’s shoes are available in regular and wide widths.  Be sure and use your Club FITniche membership to save $20 on this and all other new, adult running shoes!

Drop: 10 mm
Weight Men’s – 10.7 oz
Weight Women’s – 9.1 oz



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