4 Lap Clover 5k

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The inaugural 4 Lap Clover 5K Run will send participants on a 4 lap adventure circumnavigating downtown Lakeland! Each lap culminates with a short jaunt THROUGH or around Molly McHugh’s Irish Pub, where participants will run through the back door, walk or jog a short stretch over Molly’s famous 100 year-old oak floors, passing by the storied bar, where of-age adults may partake of a short 2 oz. Guinness! PR setters can opt out of the bar tour by passing the back door and emerging back on to Kentucky from the alley. Because of the unique nature of the course, the field is limited to 300 participants. Register here!

Official 4 Lap Clover Map

Two options available on each lap: 1) slow down and run or walk through back entrance of Molly’s at the end of each lap, where adults will be given the option of quick 2 oz. Guinness shooter. 2) keep truckin’ down the alley, hang a right and finish each lap on Kentucky, by passing the bar. 


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