About FITniche

FITniche is a specialty running store, serving runners and walkers in central Florida for over 7 years!  We give and share our knowledge about walking, running, shoes and other products, injury prevention, good form and even beginning training principals as a gift.

our mission: Find Your Fit! Reclaim Your Fun!

We believe that the best fitness is rooted in the experiences we had “working out” as kids. It was called ‘play’ back then, and friendships, adventure, competition, the joy of movement and fun were what it was all about! Let us help you find your fit and reclaim your fun at a store or an event near you!

We also sell the shoes, apparel, and other accessories that all endurance athletes need to perform at their best, custom-fitting each customer individually to relieve and prevent pain and common injuries.  We also sell lots of other helpful and just-plain cool stuff that makes exercising more fun!  We have a passion for the endurance and aerobic activities that we sell products for, and are committed to 50 Best Panel Logohelping you find maximum enjoyment from those same activities.

So whether you’re a walker, runner, triathlete, swimmer, cross-fit junkie, or current couch potato looking to get started, we’re designed to serve your needs!  FITniche has been named one of the Top 4 Running Stores in America by Competitor and Formula4Media and is a perennial Top 50 Running Store in America, as ranked by the same groups.


1-to-1 fittings

Our specialists are ready to fit you for shoes, sports bras, inserts, or even injury aids. Schedule a 1-to-1 fit at the location of your choice!

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