Injury Guides

We want you to run forever, to be injury-free and to enjoy being active as much as we do. With that in mind, we all know the occasional injury can sideline any of us at almost any given moment, so we’ve compiled some helpful advice on how to treat the most common running-related injuries. We’ve also provided some advice on How to Come Back from an injury or extended layoff, and on how to improve your running form and technique so you’re less likely to get injured in the first place! As always, newer shoes, properly fitted to you based on your biomechanics  are one of the best ways to prevent running injuries! So let us fit you and re-assess your gait for each and every pair.

GOOD FORM RUNNING (Preventing Injury)

THE COMEBACK! (Returning from Injury or Any Extended Layoff)

BOTTOM OF HEEL PAIN (Plantar Fasciitis)

BACK OF HEEL PAIN (Achilles Tendonitis)

BALL OF FOOT PAIN (Morton’s Neuroma)

KNEE CAP PAIN (Chondomalacia)

SIDE OF KNEE PAIN (Illotibial Band Syndrome)


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