Our Shoe Fit Process

Shoes are the bulk of what we sell, so here’s an overview of how we fit you for that all-important product.  We also custom-fit sports bras, compression socks, orthotic inserts and other items in the store.  Please come in to learn more about any of our fit processes.

  1. Each of our Crew members undergoes 80-90 hours of training before we let them work with any customer.
  2. Every fitting starts with us getting to know you: your fitness goals and aspirations as well as previous injuries and issues.
  3. We measure your foot the old fashioned way first, using a Branock device to check size, width and arch length.
  4. We then use computer generated pressure analysis to assess how you distribute weight across the surface of your foot and to better understand your foot’s unique structure.
  5. Finally, we video your gait on a treadmill to understand your unique biomechanics.
  6. We then embark on a shoe finding adventure to match your very unique feet with the best shoes engineered for them!

Special Note: Feet change over time for a variety of reasons, so we recommend you take us up on this free, 10 minute fitting process each and every time you purchase shoes from us!