Community Wellness Classes

It is our goal to help you as “find your fit, and reclaim your fun!” And one way we want to do that is to hosts specialty classes at each store location!  This is a great way to learn about different topics within running, and things associated with running! Stay tuned here for the latest classes.

FREE Women’s Basic Self Defense Class

Saturday, March 10, 8:00 A @ FITniche Lakeland

Join us at FITniche Lakeland for a Women’s Basic Self Defense and Personal Safety class! This class is free of charge, and for females age 13 years and older. Those under 18 will need a parent present to sign a waiver at the start of class. The class consists of lecture (approximately 15 minutes) and hands-on techniques (approximately 45 minutes). Attendees will demonstrate all of the techniques on a body opponent bag (B.O.B.) . We will have self-defense tools available for testing, and purchase!

1-to-1 fittings

Our specialists are ready to fit you for shoes, sports bras, inserts, or even injury aids. Schedule a 1-to-1 fit at the location of your choice!

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